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Saskatoon Towing Services

Affordable Towing Inc. in Saskatoon provides several services for car and truck owners in the area. Our experienced and dedicated staff ensures your car is in good hands. We strive to provide the best customer service possible at all times, truly listening to customer needs and meeting even the most complex requests.

Click on each service to learn more about what it means for the Affordable Towing Inc. staff.


towingWe provide towing services in Saskatoon for cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and commercial vehicles. Local and long distance towing is available to accommodate you wherever you need to go. We can come out to a nearby location and tow your vehicle to a destination that is a long distance away, or we can drive a long distance to you and have your car towed to a location in the Saskatoon area. We will choose the towing method that is safest for the weight, size, and condition of your vehicle, as well as the distance we need to tow it.

4 Car Carrier Deck

towingAffordable Towing Inc. has a four car carrier deck, which allows us to tow multiple vehicles at once from the same area or make more than one stop to pick up two to four vehicles before heading back to the shop, which means less wait time for you. It also saves us gas, which keeps our prices lower for you.

Flat Deck Service

towingIn some cases, a badly damaged vehicle may require a flat deck bed to tow it to our garage. This keeps the car level rather than lifting the wheels which can prevent further damage and protect the vehicle until repairs can be made.

Boom Work

We also do boom work, which involves a tow truck that has a boom carrying a heavy-duty chain and hook that attached to the underside of the vehicle. The boom is then lifted so the car is raised onto one set of wheels to begin towing it.

Winching & Dollies

Affordable Towing Inc. also works with winching and dollies to pull vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, boats, jet skis, and ATVs. The winch is the arm that connects to a trailer hitch and has two joints which turn the dolly with the tow truck. There are dolly designs for cars, boats, and motorcycles, each with a track in the center that securely holds the wheels in place. This towing method works well for long distance towing.

Unlocks & Key Retrievals

It can happen within seconds…you’re in a hurry, you quickly close your car door, and your automatic lock system kicks in…with your keys on the seat. It’s also easy to drop your keys somewhere you can’t reach them—in a gutter or sewer grate for example. We have the tools to unlock your car and get your keys out without damaging the vehicle as well as equipment to retrieve your keys from any hard to reach place. We’ll get you back in your car in no time.


If you have a dead battery and your car won’t start, we offer boosting or jump starting services to get your car running again. We can also change your battery and replace it with a new one if needed.

Battery Services

towingAffordable Towing offers all types of battery services, including recharging batteries at our shop, providing new and used replacement batteries, cleaning and repairing battery corrosion, and jump starting a battery onsite.

Tire Changes

towingWhen you get a flat tire on the road, your car is sidelined immediately. Affordable Towing Inc. can change your tire with a real tire instead of a donut tire. Our auto experts will jack up your car and put on the new tire within a few minutes.

Bailiff Services

If you are a car dealer or lender with a client who has outstanding car payment, we provide bailiff services, or vehicle repossession. One of our tow truck drivers will come to a private residence or place of business and tow away the vehicle in question, returning it to the location designated by the lender.

Accident Recovery

towingAffordable Towing Inc.also recovers vehicles that have been in an accident. Whether the car is inoperable but fixable or the vehicle is a total loss, we’ll bring it in to our repair shop to determine if the car can be fixed. We’ll also give you a ride home and call you with an update on the needed repairs after an insurance representative inspects the vehicle for damages.

Parkade Service

towingIf your car breaks down in a parkade (or parking garage), call Affordable Towing Inc.. We have the experience and equipment to navigate to anywhere in the parking garage and tow your vehicle out and over to our garage or to your home.

Decking & Undecking Of Trucks Equipment

We also work with commercial truck fleets to load them onto large decks or unload them from complex towing equipment.

4X4 Recovery

For those who like to ride a 4x4 off road and find themselves stuck in mud, a ditch, thick brush, or a body of water, our towing company in Saskatoon offers 4x4 recoveries as well.

Shed Moving

towingIf you have a small shed that you need to relocate to a different area of your property or to a new location, Affordable Towing offers shed moving services. We’ll take your shed off the ground, load it onto a tow bed, secure it down, transport it to a new location, and unload it securely at its new location.

Affordable rates for removing of unwanted vehicles

We also remove any unwanted vehicles and take them to a salvage yard to be recycled or used for parts. If you have an old car on your property that doesn’t run and you don’t use it anymore, we’ll pick it up for you. We also take unwanted cars from public areas after they have been abandoned. If they are in good shape, they will be sent to an impound lot to be claimed or resold.